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اعرف اكثر عن مشغل يوسف للصناعات المعدنية

Youssef Metal Industries Workshop was established in 1982, and it set out a vision to provide all the needs of the Jordanian market of insulation and refrigeration solutions to build effective means of transportation and storage facilities that are based on innovation and meet customer needs.

From the first day the operator started, I used the latest global technology to produce premium quality insulation and cooling solutions. The company has continued to develop itself in response to global trends and the needs of the local market,

Our message

We aim to provide our customers with a unified and integrated center for refrigeration solutions that provides high-quality products that they can rely on to improve their business performance.


The vision is for the operator to become the largest refrigeration solution manufacturer in the MENA region.

Our goal

To occupy the leadership position in the Jordanian market by gaining the confidence of customers by providing their services to all sectors that use refrigeration units.

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