Core values

The company relies on several core values: team work - cooperation and partnership with its customers - quality of work - efficiency and credibility, it is through these high values that successful institutions are established ..


We aim to provide our customers with a unified and integrated center for all their requirements that they can rely on to improve their business performance.


The vision is to continuously develop and pursue global technology through participation, visiting international exhibitions and exchanging experiences to find out what's new.


The operator aims to occupy the leading position in the Jordanian market by gaining customer confidence by providing the best services to all sectors

Yousef Steel Workshop

Yousef Steel Workshop was established in 1982, and a vision was laid out to provide all the needs of the Jordanian market with insulation solutions and the production of insulation boards and all their applications such as cold rooms and freezers and insulated and refrigerated car boxes and caravans. We also excel in the manufacture of metal buildings (hangers) and works Stainless steel.

From the first day the operator started, he used the latest technology. The company has continued to develop itself in response to trends and the needs of the local market.