Cold rooms, Freezer and Doors

Cold rooms, Freezer and Doors

Project Description
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  • May 23, 2020

Cold rooms consist of prefabricated walls coated with galvanized steel, painted with oven, stainless steel or fiberglass as desired by the customer. Heat transfer coefficient (.018K Cal / H.M2.c) insulation density (42 kg / m3), then a layer of fiberglass, then a layer (Ply – Wood) cold room floors supported by a layer of non-scratch epoxy.
Curved P.V.C is installed between roofs, walls and floors to prevent the formation of fresh bacteria. Any internal fittings, including shelves, meat ties, etc., are added according to the client’s request.

These insulated walls are produced using modern production technology that allows the production of one piece without connections up to 2.5 meters wide, 9 meters long and of any required thickness from 4 cm to 20 cm

The body of the cold rooms is collected by (Looking System) in addition to (Male & Female).

The walls are insulated using Poly-Urethane injection using a modern high pressure injection machine produced by the Italian company O.M.S.

And equipped with a computer that controls all its operations, and the injection process is not allowed in the event of any error during operation, which confirms the efficiency of insulation and the absence of the chance of possible human error.

The company uses the latest sheet iron forming and winding lines, which allows obtaining a product with high technical specifications that helps in the ease and accuracy of the installation work.