Portable Caravans and Prefabricated Buildings

Portable Caravans and Prefabricated Buildings

Project Description
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  • May 23, 2020

With the changing geographical conditions and the different temperatures that characterize the region, it was necessary to think about making use of insulating panels in other applications, including prefabricated buildings and fixed and mobile caravans for easy installation and transportation from one location to another, especially in all areas and projects.

Where the factory produces insulation boards of various thicknesses as they are manufactured on the latest production lines, the company has expanded the applications of using these panels where we use them in the manufacture of caravans and prefabricated buildings that are used as residential units, toilets, administrative offices and many other uses that are in line with the customer’s needs.


The building is manufactured in several sizes, according to the customer’s desire and given specifications

Types of caravans

Caravans fixed on a metal frame.

Caravans on a mobile trailer on wheels for long-distance transportation (trolls).

Technical Specifications :-

The metal frame is constructed from cold drawn iron bridges, cut into longitudinal and transverse suspensions, coated with a zinc base layer, and a Hummer coating.

Aspects: It consists of sandwich panels, injected with polyurethane, and the sides can be wrapped according to the desire of the customer, including

Sides of sheet / sheet iron. Light percolation – sheet / wood – wood / wood. The company can also use decorative iron, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Ceiling: The roof is made of sandwich panels, from the outside, the corrugated iron sheet, and from the inside a pre-painted iron sheet, t. All necessary closings are made from the two rainpaths to collect water in the rear drain pipe and all external and internal corners.

Sanitation tools: –

All sanitary fittings are supplied and installed from the bathroom base, sink and mixer tap

Doors and windows: –
Caravan is provided with doors and windows of sizes and numbers according to the client’s desire, from aluminum or PVC clips and stained glass>